Gospel and Epistle Readings

The Gospel and Epistle Readings section displays the appropriate Bible Readings for the liturgical service. The selected readings are based on the Publish Date of your bulletin and jurisdictional preferences (i.e. old or new calendar, typikon used). The Publish Date should always reflect the date of the upcoming liturgical service.

If you customize this section, but decide that you want to return to the default settings Bulletin Builder selected for your service, click the Restore Defaults button.

Note: Clicking this button will deleted any customizations you've made to the Gospel and Epistle Readings section. Any changes that you want to keep will need to be re-done after you';ve Restored Defaults.

Adding a New Reading

There are three types of Readings you can add to this section: Matins Gospel, Epistle, and Gospel Readings. You can then look up a reading based on Chapters/Verses, Fixed Feasts, or Movable Feasts.

  1. Click the "Add a Reading" button in the menu bar at the top of the Gospel and Epistle Readings Page. This will open the "Add a Reading" popup.
  2. Select the type of reading you are adding from the Reading Type list.
  3. Select the way you want to lookup the reading (Chapter/Verse, Fixed Feasts, or Movable Feasts).
  4. The Movable Feast list will automatically update with the available readings, based on your selection in the Reading Type list. Select your desired reading and click Save

Changing Readings

Changing a reading allows you to replace the reading that is currently listed in the Bulletin with a different one you specify.

Editing a Reading

  1. Click the Change Matins Gospel Reading , Change Epistle Reading or Change Gospel button, depending on what type of reading you will be changing.
  2. In the popup window that opens, select the way you want to lookup the new reading from the Lookup By list.
  3. In the list the appears, select your desired reading and click Save Your reading is now updated in your Bulletin.

Re-ordering Readings

To re-order a Reading, place you cursor over the word Move above the title of your selected Reading. Click the word Move and drag the Reading to your preferred location in the Reading's section. Once the Reading is where you would like it on the page, release the mouse button to save the Reading to its current position.

Note: You can only move readings in their own sections (ie. Epistles can only move within the Epistle section). The order of the different types of readings on the page cannot be changed.

Deleting Readings

To delete a Reading, click the Delete button at top right of your selected Reading. Click OK on the popup box to confirm that you want to delete the Reading.