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Publish Date: 2023-10-01
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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

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  • (412)366-8700
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  • (412)366-8710
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  • 985 Providence Blvd.

  • Pittsburgh, PA 15237-5951

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Worship Schedule

8:15 a.m. Orthros

9:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

Worship Locations:

Sunday worship location: Holy Trinity Church, 985 Providence Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Weekday/Feast Day worship location: St. George Chapel, 8941 Ringeisen Rd., Allison Park, PA

Past Bulletins

Hymns of the Day

Resurrectional Apolytikion in the Eighth Tone

From on high You descended, O merciful One, and accepted the three-day burial to free us from our passions. Glory to You, O Lord, our life and resurrection. (Page 54)

Apolytikion for Ananias of the 70 in the Third Tone

O holy Apostle Ananias, make intercession to our merciful God, that He grant our souls forgiveness of offenses.

Apolytikion for Romanos the Melodist in the Eighth Tone

In you, O Father, is preserved undistorted what was made in the image of God; for taking up the cross, you followed Christ and by example taught, that we should overlook the flesh, since it passes away, and instead look after the soul, since it is immortal. And therefore, O devout Romanos, your spirit rejoices with the angels.

Seasonal Kontakion in the Second Tone

A protection of Christians unshameable, Intercessor to our Holy Maker, unwavering; reject not the prayerful cries of those who are in sin. Instead, come to us for you are good; your loving help bring unto us who are crying in faith to you: Hasten to intercede and speed now to supplicate, as a protection for all time, Theotokos, for those who honor you. (Page 54)

Saints and Feasts

October 01

2nd Sunday of Luke

October 01

The Holy Protection of the Theotokos

The Feast of the Protection commemorates the appearance of the most holy Theotokos in the Church of Blachernae in Constantinople in the tenth century, as recorded in the life of Saint Andrew the Fool for Christ's sake. While the multitudes of the faithful were gathered in church, Epiphanius, the friend of Saint Andrew, through the Saint's prayers, beheld the Virgin Mary above the faithful and spreading out her veil over them, signifying her unceasing protection of all Christians. Because of this we keep a yearly feast of gratitude, imploring our Lady never to cease sheltering us in her mighty prayers.

October 01

Ananias, Apostle of the 70

Saint Ananias, whose name means "God is gracious," was from Damascus, where by divine revelation he was commanded to baptize the Apostle Paul (Acts 9: 10-17). He completed the course of martyrdom when he was stoned to death during the proconsulate of Lucian.

October 01

Romanos the Melodist

Saint Romanos flourished during the reign of Anastasius (491-518). He was from Emesa of Syria, and apparently was born of Jewish parents, for a hymn written in his honour in Greek says he was "of Hebrew stock," and it has furthermore been noted that he uses many Semitic idioms in his writings. He was baptized an Orthodox Christian, and at some time became a deacon in the Church of Beirut. He was the first composer of the kontakia, the foremost of which is that of the feast of Christ's Nativity, On this day the Virgin .... In composing many of his kontakia. Saint Romanos was inspired by the hymns of Saint Ephraim of Syria.

October 01

John Koukouzelis the Hymnographer of Mount Athos

Saint John Koukouzelis, a native of Dirrachia (Bulgaria), was orphaned in childhood. Endowed with a very fine voice, he entered the Constantinople court school. He found favor with the emperor and became a chief court singer. The luxury of the imperial court bothered the pious youth. Once, when asked what he had eaten for dinner, he replied, “Beans and peas.” The name Koukouzelis (beans and peas) stuck with him ever after. John began to seek ways to escape the enticements of the court. By the will of God, John met an igumen from Mt. Athos who had come to Constantinople. John revealed to the Elder his desire to leave the court. The Elder blessed John to come to the Holy Mountain where he was then accepted and tonsured a monk. Once, after singing an Akathist before an icon of the Mother of God, John was granted a great mercy. The Mother of God appeared to him in a dream and said, “Rejoice, John, and do not cease to sing. For that, I shall not forsake you.” With these words she placed into John’s hand a golden coin. This coin was placed beneath the icon. Many miracles have been credited to the coin and the icon. The icon, named the “Koukouzelissa” in memory of Saint John is located in the Lavra monastery of Saint Athanasius. Saint John’s remaining days were spent in intense ascetic efforts. He arranged and compiled melodies for church stichera verses, troparia and kontakia.


Gospel and Epistle Readings

Epistle Reading

Prokeimenon. Eighth Tone. Psalm 75.11,1.
Make your vows to the Lord our God and perform them.
Verse: God is known in Judah; his name is great in Israel.

The reading is from St. Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians 6:16-18; 7:1.

Brethren, you are the temple of the living God; as God said, "I will live in them and move among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore come out from them, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty."

Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, and make holiness perfect in the fear of God.

Gospel Reading

2nd Sunday of Luke
The Reading is from Luke 6:31-36

The Lord said, "As you wish that men would do to you, do so to them. If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to receive as much again. But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for he is kind to the ungrateful and the selfish. Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful."


Bulletin Inserts


Wisdom of the Fathers

Every work which does not have love as its beginning and root is nothing.
St. John Chrysostom
Unknown, 4th century

Why do we judge our neighbors? Because we shun knowing ourselves. Someone busy trying to understand himself has no time to notice the shortcomings of others. Judge yourself ... and you will stop judging others. Judge a poor deed, but do not judge the doer. It is necessary to consider yourself the most sinful of all, and to forgive your neighbor every poor deed.
St. Seraphim of Sarov
Unknown, 19th century

'But I say to you,' the Lord says, 'love your enemies; do good to those who hate you, pray for those who persecute you.' Why did he command these things? So that he might free you from hatred, sadness, anger and grudges, and might grant you the greatest possession of all, perfect love, which is impossible to possess except by the one you loves all equally in imitation of God.
St. Maximos the Confessor
Unknown, 7th century

Christians should strive in all things and ought not to pass judgment of any kind on anyone, not on the prostitute nor on sinners nor on disorderly persons. But they should look upon all persons with a single mind and a pure eye so that it may be for such a person almost a natural and fixed attitude never to despise or judge or abhor anyone or to divide people and put them into boxes for this is purity of heart, that, when you see the sinner and the weak, you have compassion and show mercy to them.
St. Makarios the Great
Homilies 5.8, 4th century


Parish News and Events




National Church Music Sunday/Hospitality Hour Hosted by the Holy Trinity Choir

Today we honor those women and men who have heard and responded to the Lord’s invitation to be church musicians: that is, Chanters and Choir members. As church musicians, they are essential to our worship services. To the glory of God, the Holy Trinity, they commit themselves to learning the hymns of our Orthodox faith, understanding the sequence of our liturgical worship, and actively offering their prayers in song to enhance the beauty of our worship. Today’s Hospitality Hour is hosted by the Holy Trinity Choir. Please be sure to express your thanks to them today.


GOYA Meeting Today

GOYA will hold a meeting in the Conference Room today following Church School class. All teens (grades 7-12) are invited to attend and participate in GOYA activities.




Faith & Family Weekdays – Fall 2023

Faith and Family Weekdays is back, and there are many ways for each of to grow in the knowledge and practice of our faith. Ready to learn more about the Bible, about the Orthodox Church, about navigating life’s challenges as a Christian, a woman, or a man? It’s all there. There’s a lot more to church than Sundays, and here is where to find it. Watch the bulletin and check the online calendar at for details.


  • Wed. Oct 4, 6:30pm Vespers/7:00pm: “Explore the Word” - Father Radu leads us through his new book, “Icon of the Kingdom of God.” Drawing on a rich knowledge of scripture, the Church fathers, and theologians, learn what the Church is and what it means to us. Remaining Fall dates are Oct 4, 18, 25; Nov 15, 29; Dec 6, 13.
  • Thu. Oct 5: 7:00am: “Prayer & Panera” – Prayer and Christian fellowship for men. Meet at church promptly at 7:00am for a 15–20-minute morning prayer and scripture, then move up the hill to Panera for 45 minutes of coffee & conversation.


[Oct 8] Ordination to the Holy Diaconate - Matthew Palamara – RSVP for Luncheon Today!

Your presence and prayers are humbly requested as His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh ordains Matthew Palamara to the Holy Diaconate, next Sunday October 8, 2023. 8:00am Orthros, 9:30am Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and Ordination, here at Holy Trinity Church with a luncheon hosted by the community to follow. All are invited. RSVP is requested for the Luncheon at no later than this Wednesday, Oct 4.


[Today - Oct 17] North Hills Community Outreach Coat Shop

For over 36 years, North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) has addressed the needs of people in crisis, hardship, and poverty in northern Allegheny County.  NHCO is currently collecting and distributing new coats to children ages infant to 18-years-old. New hats, scarves and gloves are also being accepted. Gift cards to purchase coats are also greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at any of the three offices (1975 Ferguson Rd in Allison Park, Millvale Community Center and 939 California Ave in Bellevue), or you can order from their Amazon Wish list (also found at and have the coats shipped directly to NHCO.  Adult sizes are most needed.


[Oct 22] Holy Trinity’s 10th Annual Flu Shot Clinic

Holy Trinity Church will host its 10th Annual Flu Shot Clinic in the Grand Room following Divine Liturgy on Sunday, October 22. Certified immunizing pharmacists from Rite Aid will be here to offer Flu Shots from 11:15am until 1:30pm for adults and children 9 years of age and older. Also available, will be the new RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Vaccine for adults who are 60 years of age and older. RSV is a common cause of lower respiratory tract disease in older adults. Please be sure to bring your insurance card listing your ID# as there is $0.00 Copay with most insurance plans.


[Oct 22] GOYA Centennial Gala Dance Practice

The GOYA dance troupe will be performing at the Centennial event on Sunday November 5th. They will have 3 practices prior to the event. If you are performing, please attend as many practices as possible. The schedule is below. Please reach out to Victoria or Eleni with any questions. Sunday, October 22 – during Hospitality Hour; Wednesday, October 25 - 6:00-6:45pm; Sunday, October 29 – during Hospitality Hour.


Centennial Ornament – Place Your Order Soon – Pre-Order Discount Deadline is TODAY

Our Ladies Philoptochos is offering a special Centennial Ornament to honor 100 Years of Holy Trinity Church! This limited-edition collector’s item measures 2 1/2 inches and is made of cast metal. This will be a wonderful gift for the holidays! Pre-order now to receive the discounted pricing of $20.00 per ornament. All orders must be pre-paid and received by TODAY, Sunday, October 1, 2023.


[Nov 3-5] Consecration/Centennial Weekend – Make your reservations today!

This historic weekend is coming up on us quickly! Please make your reservations for the Saturday afternoon Consecration Luncheon and the Sunday evening Centennial Gala today! Tickets and Centennial commemorative items are now available at Reserve your tickets today!


Church School Class Dismissal Times

A message from our Church School Staff to all parents: Please assist us in offering our children the time to fully participate in their lessons each Sunday by allowing them to remain in class until the end of the session. IMPORTANT: PRE-SCHOOL THRU 6th GRADE CLASSES ANY TIME AFTER 11:15am; GRADES 7-12 CONCLUDE AT 11:30am. Parents of Pre-School students may pick up their children on the upper-level Education Center by using the Education Center stairs in the Gallery near the Bookstore. Parents of all other students are asked to wait for their children downstairs in the Gallery or Grand Room during Hospitality Hour. Church School snacks are now located in the first-floor hall outside the Fireside Room. Thank you for your cooperation and support.


NOW AVAILABLE: Centennial Marble Icons – Take a Piece of Holy Trinity History to your Home!

Bring the history and faith of Holy Trinity Church into your home with this beautiful marble Holy Trinity icon! These beautiful icons are now available while they last. And there’s something very special about them. To commemorate Holy Trinity's history, the gold plate on the back of the icon explains why. The Greek marble upon which this Holy Icon is mounted has been cut from the stone used in the Holy Altar Table, Chanter’s Stand, Pangari and Candle Box at Holy Trinity Church’s former location on Pittsburgh’s North Side, 1960-2011. It is offered as a testimony of the faith and history of the Holy Trinity community. The Holy Trinity Icon is in the traditional “Hospitality of Abraham” style (Genesis 18) and was created by the sisters of the Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery in Saxonburg. “Glory to God for all things!” Available in the Gallery during Hospitality Hour or on our online store, $60 each or buy more than one for a discount! Buy 2, save $10. Buy 3, save $20. Buy 4 or more, save $10 each!


Visitation Ministry Needs Your help – Yarn needed for Christmas Gift Making

The Visitation Ministry is collecting yarn (newly purchased or unused; all colors & textures).  Please place the yarn in a bag and give it to Amy Armanious during Hospitality Hour. For questions, feel free to email Thank you as we prepare Christmas gifts for our homebound parishioners and extended family members.


Visitation Ministry – Please submit information of those needing visits

Our Visitation Ministry team sends cards and small gifts of love to our homebound parishioners. To add a loved one's name to our list, please contact Amy Armanious at 


Outreach Ministry: Time to Volunteer your Family or Group for the 2024 Bag Lunch Ministry

2024 is just around the corner! We have already begun to fill dates for this outreach, through the “Neighborhood Resilience Project”, with the goal of preparing and delivering 140 lunch bags to our less fortunate neighbors every Saturday of the year. This ministry includes various local parishes, and we’re hoping that with Holy Trinity Church parishioners’ participation, this goal will be achieved soon. Due to our HT coordinator’s absence for a few weeks, if your family or group is interested in booking a date of your choosing early, please contact Cindy Heddaeus of Holy Cross GOC, who handles the master schedule, with your requested date. She can be reached at or by text at 412-849-3033. (Note that the first Saturday of each month, among other dates through the year, have been taken.)  Thank you for your continued enthusiastic support for this worthy cause to help the poor and hungry in our region.


Our Church, Our Stewardship – Have You Submitted Your 2023 Pledge Yet?

If you have not yet turned in your pledge card for 2023, it is not too late! Pledge cards can be found in the Narthex, or through the church office, or you may complete your pledge online through our new Realm system at If you have questions, contact George Mellis; or email


About Receiving Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church

We welcome all who have come to worship with us today. Whether you are an Orthodox Christian, an inquirer to the faith or a first-time guest in an Orthodox Church, we are pleased to have you with us and thankful for the opportunity to share and bear witness to this ancient and timeless Faith. In accordance with the holy canons and traditions of the Church, please note that Holy Communion and the other Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) are received only by those who are baptized and chrismated (confirmed) Orthodox Christians who have properly prepared through prayer, fasting and confession. All others are invited receive the antidoron (blessed bread) and a blessing from the priest at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. Please also join our parish family for Hospitality Hour and allow us to meet and welcome you. Interested in joining or learning more about the Orthodox Christian Faith? Please see one of our priests or complete a visitor’s card today! How to receive: Please remember the following helpful hints aimed at helping to preserve the solemnity and safety of the Holy Mystery. Anyone wearing lipstick should remove it before receiving. Be sure to offer your baptismal name to priest before receiving. Please take great care that the red cloth held by the acolytes (you should not hold it) is fully under your chin, then use the centuries-old practice of receiving: please fully open your mouth, then gently close your lips to make sure the Holy Gifts are securely in your mouth and so that none of the holy and precious Body and Blood of Christ is accidentally spilled. Thank you for your cooperation, and may God have mercy on us all!