St. Alexis of Wilkes-Barre Church
Publish Date: 2015-07-19
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St. Alexis of Wilkes-Barre Church

General Information

  • Phone:
  • 860-664-9434
  • Street Address:

  • 108 E Main St

  • Clinton, CT 06413-0134
  • Mailing Address:

  • PO Box 134

  • Clinton, CT 06413-0134

Contact Information

Services Schedule

Weekly Services

Tuesdays at 8:30a - Daily Matins

Wednesdays at 6:00p - Daily Vespers

Thursday at 8:30a - Daily Matins

Saturday at 5:30p - Great Vespers

Sunday at 9:30a - Divine Liturgy

The Church is also open on Wednesdays for "Open Doors" - confession, meditation and reflection.

Please see our online calendar for dates and times of Feast Day services.

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We welcome all visitors to our Divine Liturgy and services. While Holy Communion may only be received by prepared Orthodox Christians, our non-Orthodox guests are welcome to participate in our prayers and hymns and to join us in venerating the Cross and and receiving blessed bread at the conclusion of the Liturgy. Please sign our guest book and join us for refreshments and fellowship after the services.

Feel free to ask questions before or after the services. Any member of our Council or Congregation are glad to assist you. Literature about the Orthodox faith and this parish can be found in the narthex (back of the Church).

Members of our Parish Council are:

Deborah Bray - Secretary

Natalie Kucharski - Treasurer

Glenn PenkoffLidbeck - Member at Large

Demetra Tolis - Member at Large

Phyllis Sturtevant - President

Sophia Brubaker - Vice President



We continue collecting school supplies for those children in need. A list of requested supplies is available at the candle desk. Please see Marlene for more specific information.

Here is the June 2015 financial report.

A. Income Statement: The deficit for June was $1060. bringing the 6 month deficit to $2094. Adjusted for the benefit of the contribution for the red covers and the added expense of the prepaid oil, the half year deficit would have been about $2500. Landscaping, red house repairs and travel expenses for the All-American Council were the drivers of the deficit, the latter mostly a timing issue.

B. Revenue: Revenue for June was $7212, below the $7700 break even rate. Parish contributions were $5585.

C. Expenses: Expenses totalled $8272 all of which were recurring monthly expenses.

D. Cash Reconciliation: St. Alexis ended the quarter with $10527 in the checking account and $$61737 in total bank accounts. The Fr Matthew check was cashed in June. 

E. Pledge Summary: There are 37 pledging parishioners. One parishioner's donations were incorrectly coded in the spreadsheet which explains the increase from last month's 36. We are less than $300 from the budgetted parish contributions of $92100. Through the end of June four pledges have been paid in full and twenty by at least 50%. Those pledges represent 65% of the total pledged money. There are also four pledges that have been funded under 25% which represent 9% of the total pledged money.




Looking for a way to give back to the community? Need something to do on Wednesdays?

How about volunteering for Meals on Wheels! Deliver food to homebound residents of East Haddam/Moodus. Time commitment is about an hour and a half.

For more details, call Brad, Director, East Haddam Senior Center: 860-873-5034.

Susannah Griffin


East Haddam Senior Center



Parish Calendar

  • Parish Calendar

    July 11 to July 27, 2015

    Saturday, July 11

    ASP Week

    Sunday, July 19

    Kerollos Mena - B

    9:30AM Divine Liturgy

    Monday, July 20

    Mother Maria Skobtsova

    All American Council

    Tuesday, July 21

    Melody Sacotas - B

    Friday, July 24

    Glenn PenkoffLidbeck

    Saturday, July 25

    Repose of Sonja Geyer

    Paul Konstantino

    5:30PM Great Vespers

    6:30PM General Confession

    Sunday, July 26

    Repose of St. Jacob Netsvetov

    Samuel Boyd

    9:30AM Divine Liturgy

    Monday, July 27

    Repose of Ann Kiernan


Prayers, Intersessions and Commemorations


Joseph, Christine, Raymond, Olga, Richard, Daria, Daria, John, Evelyn, Alla, June, Nina, Joan, John, Alex, Alan, Nadia, Glenn, Kathryn, Ivan, Elena & Jevon and Jocean, Kyra, Roderick, Albert, Barbara, Irene, Eva, Richard, Phyllis, Kathleen, Dionysia, Andrew, Samuel, Krystal, and Nona.

Pray for Photine Hunt, Demetra Tollis, John and Joan Skrobat and the Page family as they travel.

We commemorate: 

The Repose of St. Jacob (Netsvetov), Enlightener of the Peoples of Alaska (1864). Hieromartyr Hermolaus and Martyrs Hermippus and Hermocrates at Nicomedia (ca. 305). Ven. Moses the Hungarian, of the Kiev Caves (Near Caves—ca. 1043). Martyr Parasceva of Rome (2nd c.). Ven. Gerontius of St. Anne Skete (Mt. Athos).


Many Years! to Samuel Boyd on the occasion of his birthday.

We remember the repose of Ann Kiernan; memory eternal!


Hymns of the Day

Resurrectional Apolytikion in the 6th Tone

Angelic powers were above Thy tomb, and they that guarded Thee became as dead. And Mary stood by the grave seeking Thine immaculate Body. Thou hast despoiled Hades and wast not tried thereby. Thou didst meet the Virgin and didst grant us life. O Thou Who didst arise from the dead, Lord, glory be to Thee.

Apolytikion for Sun. of the Holy Fathers in the 8th Tone

Most glorified art Thou, O Christ our God, Who hast established our Fathers as luminous stars upon the earth, and through them didst guide us all to the true Faith. O Most Merciful One, glory be to Thee.

Seasonal Kontakion in the 2nd Tone

O Protection of Christians that cannot be put to shame, mediation unto the creator most constant: O despise not the voices of those who have sinned; but be quick, O good one, to come unto our aid, who in faith cry unto thee: Hasten to intercession and speed thou to make supplication, O thou who dost ever protect, O Theotokos, them that honor thee.

Saints and Feasts

July 19

Translation of the Holy Relics of Righteous Seraphim of Sarov

The uncovering of the holy relics of Saint Seraphim of Sarov on July 19, 1903 was attended by many thousands, among them the foremost of the clergy and royalty; the holy Tsar Nicholas II (see July 4) was one of the bearers of the relics in procession, and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth (see July 5) wrote an eyewitness account of the many miracles that took place. Not only had the Saint foretold the coming of the Tsar to his glorification, and that from joy they would chant "Christ is Risen" in summer, but he had also left a letter "for the fourth sovereign, who will come to Sarov." This was Nicholas II, who was given the letter when he came in 1903; the contents of the letter are not known, but when he had read it, the Tsar and future Martyr, though not a man to show his emotions, was visibly shaken. For the life of Saint Seraphim, see January 2.

July 19

Dius, Abbot of Antioch

Saint Dius, who was from Antioch in Syria, later came to Constantinople and established a monastery there, and wrought many wonders. He flourished in the time of Saint Theodosius the Great (379-395).

July 18

Holy New Martyrs Elizabeth the Grand Duchess and the Novice Barbara

Grand Duchess Elizabeth, a grand-daughter of Queen Victoria of England and elder sister of Empress Alexandra of Russia (see July 4), was one of the most illustrious women of her day, known throughout Europe not only for her high birth and graceful beauty, but also for her modesty and goodness of heart. After marrying Grand Duke Sergius Alexandrovich, she converted to Orthodoxy, although this was not required of her by her position. After the assassination of her husband in 1905, Grand Duchess Elizabeth withdrew from public life, founding the convent of Saints Martha and Mary, of which she became the superior. There she dedicated herself to prayer, fasting, tending the sick, and caring for the poor. After the Bolsheviks seized power, she was exiled to the Urals, where she and those with her were martyred in 1918 when they were cast alive into an abandoned mine. The Novice Barbara followed Saint Elizabeth into exile. When she was separated from the Grand Duchess, Barbara asked to be allowed to join her again; to terrify her, the Bolsheviks told her that she would be allowed to do this, but only if she were prepared for unheard-of torments and a violent death. To their amazement, she consented, and was deemed worthy of martyrdom with the Grand Duchess. Their holy relics were recovered and taken through Russia to China, and came to rest in the Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. When their reliquaries were opened in 1981, their bodies were found to be partially incorrupt, and sweet with the odour of sanctity. With them are also commemorated their fellow Martyrs: Grand Duke Sergius Mikhailovich; Princes John, Constantine, and Igor, the brethren; Prince Vladimir Paley; and Theodore Remez.


Gospel and Epistle Readings


Wisdom of the Fathers

The Lord says to His disciples, 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven' (Matt. 5:16). He does not say this to urge them to show off, but to urge them to organize their lives as is pleasing to God. Just as light effortlessly attracts people's gaze, so a way of life pleasing to God draws their minds along with their eyes. We do not praise the air which shares in the brilliance of the sunlight, but the sun which is the source of this brilliance and bestows it on us. Even if we do praise the air for its brightness, we praise the sun much more. So it is when someone makes the brilliance of the Sun of righteousness (Mal. 4:2) visible through his virtuous deeds. As soon as anyone looks at him, they are immediately led towards the glory of the Father in heaven of Christ, the Sun of righteousness.
St. Gregory Palamas
Homilies Vol. 1, Homily Ten para. 14; Saint Tikhon's Seminary Press pgs. 110-111, 14th century

For as teaching without doing condemns the teacher so doing but not guiding others, lessens our reward. One ought therefore to be chief in either work, and having first set one's self right, thus to proceed also to the care of the rest.
St. John Chrysostom
Homilies 15 and 16 on Matthew 5, 4th Century

Since he who cannot teach himself, yet attempts to set others right, will have many to ridicule him. Or rather such a one will have no power to teach at all, his actions uttering their voice against him.
St. John Chrysostom
Homilies 15 and 16 on Matthew 5, 4th Century

"But whosoever shall do and teach," said He, "shall be called great." For not to ourselves alone, should we be profitable, but to others also; since neither is the reward as great for him who guides himself aright, as for one who with himself adds also another.
St. John Chrysostom
Homilies 15 and 16 on Matthew 5, 4th Century

Every work which does not have love as its beginning and root is nothing.
St. John Chrysostom
Unknown, 4th century


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