St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church
Publish Date: 2023-12-03
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St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church

General Information

  • Phone:
  • (509) 547-3968
  • Fax:
  • none / Facebook Group: "Saint Nectarios - Pasco"
  • Street Address:

  • 627 West Bonneville Street

  • Pasco, WA 99301
  • Mailing Address:

  • 627 West Bonneville Street

  • Pasco, WA 99301

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Services Schedule

    Online DIVINE LITURGY - 10:00am


    In-church TYPICA Reader Service - 10:00am

Past Bulletins

St Nectarios Weekly Bulletin

(Updated November 28th, 2023)

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church

A Tri-Cities Christian Orthodox Community

627 West Bonneville St., Pasco, WA 99301 

All are welcome at St. Nectarios!








IN-CHURCH Saturday Morning December 16th. 10AM: Pre-Christmas Celebration: Divine Liturgy and a Light Lunch Fellowship Time with Fr. Dean from Seattle.  Plan to come to the St. Nectarios Church in the Tri-Cities WA to celebrate with us.  You may bring a dish to share during the Fellowship time - or just come and enjoy!   Mark your calendar - Come and meet Fr. Dean.  For confessions and private discussions - just send us an email note (or call/message Jim at 5O9/366 8745) to schedule a time.


The St Nectarios Bulletin has a full schedule of all Services.


Note: Please contact us if you would like an invitation to participate in any of the following Zoom-based Services and Activities (Jim Droppo 5O9 366-8745).    Participation in the classes is by a Zoom connection only. Vespers and Divine Liturgy Services are normally streamed to Facebook.

Thursday Nov. 30th at 7pm. Online  Christian Orthodox Faith Study Class with Father Tervo.

Friday Dec. 1st at 7pm. Online Akathist Hymn to Saint Nectarios, Wonderworker of Aegina and Pentapolis

Saturday Dec. 2nd at 5pm.  An Online Vespers Service with Father John

Sunday Dec. 3rd at 10am. Online Liturgy Service with Father John

Sunday Dec. 3rd at 1 pm Online Enquirers Class with Father John


Current Services Schedule

  • St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church

    December 3 to December 31, 2023

    Sunday, December 3

    10:00AM Online Divine Liturgy, Memorial Service

    1:00PM Enquirers Class with Father John (online zoom)

    Saturday, December 9

    5:00PM Vespers Service - Online

    Sunday, December 10

    10:00AM Online Divine Liturgy

    1:00PM Enquirers Class with Father John (online zoom)

    Saturday, December 16

    10:00AM Divine Liturgy (in-church) will be celebrated with Fr. Dean

    5:00PM Vespers Service - Online

    Sunday, December 17

    10:00AM Online Divine Liturgy

    1:00PM Enquirers Class with Father John (online zoom)

    Saturday, December 23

    5:00PM Vespers Service - Online

    Sunday, December 24

    10:00AM Online Divine Liturgy

    1:00PM Enquirers Class with Father John (online zoom)

    Saturday, December 30

    5:00PM Vespers Service - Online

    Sunday, December 31

    10:00AM In-church Typica Reader Service

    1:00PM Enquirers Class with Father John (online zoom)


Message from Father John


Weekly Message from Father John


In the Parable of the Wedding of the King’s Son, the prominent invited guests declined the King's invitation, offering as excuses their agricultural, business and family responsibilities. In addition, they mistreated the King’s servants: They even killed some of them.

The King in the Parable is God the Father. His beloved Son is His Incarnate Logos, our Lord Jesus Christ. The first invited prominent guests were the “chosen people.” They were the ones who arrogantly declined God’s invitation and mistreated His servants, the Prophets of the Old Testament.

“Many are called but few are chosen” the Bible tells us. If we refuse to respond to God’s call and do His Holy Will, God will call other people in our place. God called the Gentiles, the Nations to His Son’s Wedding. He sent the Apostles to invite the Gentiles to God’s Kingdom. Every one who believes in Him and does His Holy Will, he/she becomes His son and daughter and enters His Wedding Feast, His Kingdom.

God is just and impartial. Whoever received His call and responded and did His Holy Will and obeyed the voice of his conscience will be rewarded and enter His Heavenly Kingdom.

Disobedience of God has consequences. The chosen people were rejected and their land was destroyed by their enemies, the Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Romans. The unworthy guest in the Wedding Feast was cast out because he refused to live by the rules of the King and wear the Wedding garment he was provided. We need to become worthy of the Grace we freely received in our Chrismation and to protect its purity in our life. God demands synergism, cooperation from us. We need to do our part for our salvation, to live according to His Holy Commandments and increase the portion of His Grace to us.

Just to mention one example of our violation of one of God’s Commandments: God gave us 6 days to do our work to support our livelihood. He reserved the 7th day, Sunday, for His worship; the faithful are called to come together, to worship and honor God. If we violate His Holy Commandment, we will suffer the consequences. God is longsuffering and merciful and gives us an opportunity to repent and do His Holy Will. But if we refuse to repent and do His Holy Will, we will suffer the consequences.

“Metanoia,” Repentance, means to change our mind, to make a U-turn in our life and, with humility, to come back to God, to confess our sin and receive His forgiveness.

While we are still alive, let us repent for any violation of His Commandments, ask God’s forgiveness and produce fruits worthy of our Christian life.

With love,

Fr. John P. Angelis



Saints and Feasts

December 03

14th Sunday of Luke

December 03

The Holy Prophet Sophonias (Zephaniah)

This Prophet, who is ninth in order among the minor Prophets, was the son of Chusi (Cushi), from the tribe of Levi, or according to some, the great-grandson of King Hezekias. He prophesied in the years of Josias, who reigned in the years 641-610 before Christ. His book of prophecy is divided into three chapters. His name means "Yah has concealed."

December 03

Our Righteous Father John, Bishop and Hesychast


Hymns of the Day

Resurrectional Apolytikion in the First Tone

Although the stone was sealed by the Jews, and the soldiers guarded Your most pure body, You arose on the third day, O Savior, giving life to the world. For this reason, the heavenly powers cried out to you, O Giver of Life: Glory to Your resurrection, O Christ! Glory to Your kingdom! Glory to Your dispensation, only Lover of Mankind!

Apolytikion for the Church in the First Tone

The Offspring of Selyvria and Guardian of Aegina, the true friend of virtue who appeared in the last years. Oh Nectarios we faithful honor you as a godly servant of Christ! For you bring forth healings of every kind for those who piously cry out: Glory to Christ who has glorified you, Glory to him who made you wondrous, glory to him who workest healings for all through you.

Seasonal Kontakion in the Third Tone

On this day the Virgin cometh to the cave to give birth to * God the Word ineffably, * Who was before all the ages. * Dance for joy, O earth, on hearing * the gladsome tidings; * with the Angels and the shepherds now glorify Him * Who is willing to be gazed on * as a young Child Who * before the ages is God.

Gospel and Epistle Readings

Epistle Reading

Prokeimenon. First Tone. Psalm 32.22,1.
Let your mercy, O Lord, be upon us.
Verse: Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous.

The reading is from St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians 5:8-19.

Brethren, walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is a shame even to speak of the things that they do in secret; but when anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it is said, "Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light." Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart.

Gospel Reading

14th Sunday of Luke
The Reading is from Luke 18:35-43

At that time, as Jesus drew near to Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging; and hearing a multitude going by, he inquired what this meant. They told him, "Jesus of Nazareth is passing by." And he cried, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" And those who were in front rebuked him, telling him to be silent; but he cried out all the more, "Son of David, have mercy on me!" And Jesus stopped, and commanded him to be brought to him; and when he came near, he asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?" He said, "Lord, let me receive my sight." And Jesus said to him, "Receive your sight; your faith has made you well." And immediately he received his sight and followed him, glorifying God; and all the people, when they saw it, gave praise to God.


St. Nectarios Services

Overview of St. Nectarios Services


Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. 

This Tri-Cities Christian Orthodox Community has a church located at 627 West Bonneville St., Pasco, WA 99301. All are invited to attend. A light lunch fellowship time normally follows the In-Church Liturgy and Typica Services. 


For information on services and activities, you may:

1) access our "Saint Nectarios - Pasco" Facebook Group:

2) access the church website: 

Welcome to Our Parish Website | St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission (

3)  The online Saint Nectarios Bulletin is the best source of up to date) information on church Services and activities. (  )


To receive the weekly Services Reminder by email, please send an email request. 

For those not connected to the internet,  please call Jim (on 5O9 366 8745) to request either

    a) by a phone call on the 'week of the in-church Service'


    b) by a weekly smart-phone Service reminder text message.


Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy.  Each month, we try to have at least one Divine Liturgy (with a visiting Priest).  That Service is normally on a Saturday (or a Special Service/Feast weekday) and is scheduled when a Priest is available.  In addition to communion during the Service, private meetings with the Priest are available by appointment (for personal matters, planning future events, and Confession). 

Special Invitation - Saint Nectarios Church welcomes all: During Divine Liturgy, which is mostly in English, the Lord's Prayer is said by parishioners in their native languages.  Currently the prayer is normally said in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Greek.  If you wish to participate (and perhaps add a language), just let us know.

On most weeks, we remotely celebrate Saturday Vespers and Sunday Online Divine Liturgy with Father John in the Seattle area.  During the remote Divine Liturgy, Communion is served to Father's attending family and friends - but is unavailable to those participating online.

Online Greek Orthodox Vespers and Other Special Services are normally celebrated online with Father John in Seattle.  The link for joining Zoom to actively participate in on-line Services is

On the last Sunday of each month, there normally is a Typica Reader Service with a Parish Fellowship Time.  This in-Church Service is held as an opportunity to bring the local community together - and hopefully eventually returning St. Nectarios to having a full time Priest. 

All are welcome to join in the celebration these Christian Orthodox Services. 

Tri-Cities Coptic Church Services

Saint Mary and Saint Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church.   This Coptic Church is currently holding services at the St. Nectarios Church.  A Saturday or Sunday Holy Liturgy with a visiting Priest is nromally held once per month.  All are invited to attend. A fellowship time and Christian Study Class for older students normally follows the Services.  For more information, please contact Nader Samaan ( or access the website: 

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church


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